Yasmeen Al-Shawwa

Founder & CEO of Conscious Narratives

As a journalist collecting stories, at the core of my love for storytelling
was wanting to amplify the voices of the visionaries, artists, and changemakers
of the world who are working towards creating positive impacts on the world with
their unique gifts. 

Unfortunately, the reality of mainstream media today shows how
the power of storytelling is often misused to manipulate and polarize.

I built Conscious Narratives to utilize media as medicine, rather than distraction
or manipulation. I’m proud to have built a dedicated team of other creatives across
the globe to help amplify the voices of our clients, whose messages, I deeply believe,
serve the greater purpose of expanding the consciousness of humanity.


Graphic Design Creative

As an artist, I divide my time & career into my two biggest passions & expressions of art: dance and graphic design. What I love most about graphic design is transforming our clients’ ideas & thoughts into an image, and bringing to life a brand through visuals.

I pride myself on my capacity to understand our clients and my commitment to creating designs that they’re completely satisfied & happy with.


Website Extraordinair

Creativity, experience and capacity are the pillars to this humble developer wizard.

“I’m here to work alongside my colleagues to create magnificent website designs. I enjoy highlighting the small details within web development and I love making each client happy.


Social Media Coordinator

I think communicating is a great power, and there are certain people with very important things to say. I’m happy to be a part of this team and help deliver those messages and ideas.

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